Condo Maintenance Tips – What We Learned Over The Years

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Condo Maintenance Tips - What We Learned Over The Years

Having new condos downtown Toronto requires a certain amount of attention to detail. This includes keeping tabs on the building’s systems and maintenance schedules and maintaining your safety. The best way to accomplish this is to implement a multi-faceted strategy encompassing regular inspections, proper security measures, and occasional visits from the pros.

It should have a good line of communication:

A good line of communication is the most important component of a successful property management plan. Having a unified stance with your residents and the general public can prevent many mishaps. This is particularly the case in multiple units on the same property. As a result, it pays to keep tabs on everyone in your condo. You also need to know where all the doors are at all times and what locks they belong to. Using an electronic keypad is a must, and you should consider installing a nanny lock, as this can protect the privacy of young children.

Keep a close eye on your unit’s HVAC system:

Keeping a close eye on your unit’s HVAC system is a must. For obvious reasons, you should also check out the garage and exterior parking areas. Similarly, you should ensure that all vents are properly cleared of debris, as clogged air ducts are a fire hazard. If you have doubts about your unit’s ventilation system, a simple check-up with a qualified technician can put your mind at ease.

Remember to clean your driveway and sidewalks:

While at it, remember to clean your driveway and sidewalks, as these areas are common targets for thieves. The more frequent the checks, the more likely you will avoid the mishaps. If you own a unit that sits in a complex, make sure that you understand what the other units on your floor are doing, especially during periods of high traffic. A backup plan for more extreme weather conditions is always a good idea.

You should have the right maintenance and management strategy in hand:

A solid plan will go a long way toward ensuring that your condo remains where you are happy to call home. Lastly, a proactive attitude can go a long way toward preventing future mishaps and should be a top priority.